Your site has an “archive” where you see all of today’s post and all previous ones, with an URL like “” - its dynamic and it performs badly…

This is what troubled Gilgamezh, who said to me “I want the default TTL for today’s archive (which is still being created) and a longer one for previous days (which are rarely modified)”.

Here is the solution I found: create a header with the current date (in the same format as the URL, computed by inline C), create another header by striping the URL, compare them and set the TTL.

Code snippet

#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>

sub vcl_recv

        # Given a URL like ""
        if (req.url ~ "^/archive" ){

                # Create the "X-Today" header with the date format neeeded
                        time_t timer;
                        char buffer[25];
                        struct tm* tm_info;

                        tm_info = localtime(&timer);

                        strftime(buffer, 25, "%Y/%m/%d", tm_info);
                        VRT_SetHdr(sp, HDR_REQ, "\010X-Today:", buffer, vrt_magic_string_end);


                # Create the "X-DateURL" header by striping "archive" and unwanted parameters from the req.url
                set req.http.X-DateURL = regsub(req.url, "^/archive/", "");
                set req.http.X-DateURL = regsub(req.http.X-DateURL, "\?.*$", "");

                # Compare the headers and set the TTL for older archives - "Today" gets default TTL
                if (req.http.X-DateURL != req.http.X-Today){

                        set beresp.ttl = 365d;
                        set beresp.http.X-Cacheable-TTL = beresp.ttl;