Use Windows built in WASAPI to capture audio output. Another app, your browser (ex: Youtube) - if you can hear it, you can capture it.

I’m using Reaper in this example, but the same should work with any other similar software.

  • In “Reaper preferences > Audio device settings > Audio system” , select “WASAPI (Windows 7/8/10/Vista)”. For “Mode” use “Shared loopback (CAUTION)”.

  • Create a track as usual. In my case, I’m capturing a stereo output:

  • Hit ‘record’ and start capturing!

Side note: ASIO4ALL

Before WASAPI appeared (ex: Windows XP), you would probably use ASIO4ALL to achieve low latency, if you did not have an audio interface with ASIO. You can achieve the same low latency with WASAPI - no need to install anything.

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