I’m sure that thumbnails doesn’t need to be 1MB.

convert is a command which is part of ImageMagick and it is a swiss knife of image manipulation. Here I just want to show one very common (and simple use case): reducing the quality of an image.

$ convert -strip -interlace Plane -gaussian-blur 0.05 -quality 85% ORIGINAL.jpg CONVERTED.jpg


  • -strip: strip image of all profiles and comments
  • -interlace Plane: type of image interlacing scheme
  • -gaussian-blur 0.05: reduce image noise and reduce detail levels
  • -quality 85%: JPEG/MIFF/PNG compression level (less means less quality)

That’s it!


If you want to apply the changes on the original file, just the filename twice:

$ convert -strip -interlace Plane -gaussian-blur 0.05 -quality 85% ORIGINAL.jpg ORIGINAL.jpg

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